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It is the year 2036 and the United States is no longer united. Starting in the year 2020, the two political parties were so extreme that a civil war began. In search of peace, they passed the Great Schism of 2028, through which each state became its own country. New York, the empire, has invented 2020 glasses, which allow its citizens to see only what they prefer, allowing all citizens to live in their own ideal virtual reality. Chandler comes to New York running from her past, while Aiden comes seeking a bright future. Yet they soon realize that the glasses are not helping them succeed. It is in the park, a deserted paradise where the glasses do not work, that Aiden and Chandler, and the rest of the rebels find exactly what they are looking for: love, community, a sense of purpose, and hope for the future. They had to be blind to truly see.