Table Reading @ Camp-of-the-woods

Kenady Shope, the writer and producer of Beyond Perfection, has spent the last two summers as the musical theatre director at Camp-of-the-Woods in upstate New York. She works and collaborates with 7 other vocalists on two 30-minute musicals each summer. She also choreographs and stages the concerts on Friday and Saturday nights.

On August 16th, 2018, the 8 vocalists gathered to read through the new and improved Beyond Perfection script. Other instrumentalists also gathered to watch and hear the brand new musical.

After the reading, the musicians ate pie before getting get ready for the evening recital.

Kenady gained better direction and clarity for the musical.

Kenady comments “It was a blast. The vocalists were incredible actors, and it was amazing to hear my story come to life”

Beyond Perfection: to be continued…