Beyond Perfection's Staged Reading @ Dallas Baptist University

On May 24th, 2018, Beyond Perfection had its first reading.

55 people gathered to participate and collaborate on this new dystopian musical.

The actors and musicians transported the audience to 2036 to the country of New York in 2036, where 2020 glasses are a reality. They were immersed in the new empire as they each received their own 2020 glasses. They experienced the loss inherent in the new society, and the joy and freedom the rebels felt in living beyond perfection.

Each audience member gave amazing feedback whether through their laughter, applause, verbal praise, and the comments left on the survey.

The reading showed Kenady Shope, the writer and producer, that there was something special here. That this story was a story worth telling. That these characters are worth portraying.

The reading was a huge success. It gave direction to where the musical should go from here as well as showing Kenady that she has an amazing support system.

Beyond Perfection: to be continued….